Eliza Lockwood


b October-December 1865

    St George in the East, London

d. date unknown

    place unknown


daughter of John William Lockwood and Sarah Cuthbert

mother of Alfred John Twidle [2], Rachel Smith Twidle, Maude Twidle, Eliza Twidle, Walter Twidle, Clara Twidle, Sarah Twidle, John Twidle



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Eliza was the youngest of the 11 children born to John William Lockwood and Sarah Cuthbert. She was born October-December 1865 in St George in the East, London E1.


She was listed as living with her parents in the family home at 19 Philip Street on both the 1871 and 1881 Census forms, but in the spring of 1885, stilll only 19, she married Alfred John Twidle, aged 25, from Bermondsey, London SE.


The couple had seven children, all of them believed to have been born in the West Ham area, at that time deemed to be part of Essex. Like her eldest sibling, George Richard Lockwood – 20 years her senior – Eliza’s descendants have been successfully traced to the present day.


Confirmed present-day Lockwood-Twidle descendants stem from first-born Alfred John Twidle [2] and his wife Emma ~~~ and second child Rachel Smith Twidle and husband Frederick Sharp. Their family members are now to be found in Britain , Canada and the United States.