Esther [Hilda/"Andy"] Lockwood




b  16 June 1896

    St George in the East, London E

d December 1989

    Lewisham, London


daughter of William Lockwood [2] and Johanna Clark

mother of Un-named Daughter, Robert Haig Anderson



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Esther Lockwood was referred to as "Cousin Esther" by family members of Mary Ann Downs, wife of George John Lockwood, who was a first cousin of Esther's father William. Throughout her life she was known by a variety of names - Esther, "Andy" and Hilda, appearing under her original Esther in the 1901 Census. According to her grandson, David Anderson, she was popularly referred to by family and friends as "Andy". Somewhat confusingly, his father, Robert Haig Anderson, registered her death under the name Hilda Anderson. Esther's first child was a daughter who died shortly after birth. It had been planned to name her Christine.