George John Lockwood




b  August 1867

    St Dunstan, Stepney, London E

d January-March 1910

    Bethnal Green, London E2


son of John Philip Lockwood

father of Isabella Elizabeth Lockwood, George Arthur Lockwood [2], Harry Lockwood, Sarah Lockwood, Edward James Lockwood, Robert Lockwood [2], James Thomas Lockwood [2]


George John Lockwood was the son of John Philip Lockwood and Eleanor Collins, and believed to be the first born grandchild of John William Lockwood and Sarah Cuthbert, and great grandchild of John Lockwood [1]. He was born July-September 1867 in St Dunstan’s Stepney, London E1 and first appeared on a Census form in 1871. On that date he was in residence at 19 Philip Street , St George in the East. Head of the Household was John William Lockwood to whom George John’s relationship was described as “Grandson”.


He was still at Philip Street for the 1881 Census, sharing the residence with John William and Sarah Lockwood and their three youngest daughters, Elizabeth, Isabel and Eliza. On that particular Census form, he was mistakenly described as their “Son”.


 The next documented entry for George John detailed his marriage in the April-June 1888 quarter to a Mary Ann Downs. The following 1891 Census confirmed George’s name and his age as 23, matching the details on both the 1871 form and the Marriage Records entry. His wife’s year of birth was given as “about 1869”.


 Mary Ann’s family came from the Bethnal Green district (London E2), about a mile from the Philip Street location of George’s grandfather. Following their marriage the couple set up home in Bethnal Green, and it was in that registration district that all their children were listed as being born.


However, it should be noted that while the 1871 Census form quoted George John’s place of birth as “St Dunstan’s, Stepney”; in 1881 gave the location as “Limehouse” (a reasonable amendment being precisely within that area); and in 1891 listed it as “Stepney, London”, the Census of 1901 credits him with being born in Bethnal Green along with all eight other members of his family.


There is little doubt that all four Census documents refer to the same George John Lockwood. Less clear, however, is his apparent separation from both parents. To date, no documentation referring to his mother – either as Eleanor Collins or Eleanor Lockwood - has been located.  Also unexplained is a lack of documentation referring to his father, John Philip Lockwood, during the years George John was seemingly in the care of his grandparents.


His marriage to Mary Ann Downs produced seven children (1889-1900), during which period there was still no sign of either of his parents. In 1901, following the birth of George John’s seven child, his father resurfaced. On a Census form he was included as being at the residence of Sarah Lockwood (John’s mother and George John’s grandmother) and Grace Garnham, another of Sarah’s grandchildren.


George John Lockwood was only 43 years old when he died in January-March 1910.



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