Harriet Lockwood [3]


b 1857/8

    St George in the East, London

d. date unknown

    place unknown


daughter of John William Lockwood and Sarah Cuthbert

NOTE: The 7 April 1861 Census described Harriet Lockwood as being three years old on that date. Also listed as three years of age was Mary Ann Lockwood, believed to be her twin sister. 




Harriet Lockwood was the eighth of the 11 children born to John William Lockwood and Sarah Cuthbert, and believed to be the twin sister of Mary Ann Lockwood. She was born in 1857 in St George in the East, London E1.


Harriet was listed as living with her parents in the Philip Street, London E1 family home at the time of the 1861 Census, in which both she and Mary Ann were entered as being three years old.


There does not appear to be any further documentation matching Harriet’s date and place of birth and she was noticeably absent from the 1871 Census.


NB: John William Lockwood's parents are recorded as having had two daughters similarly named Harriet Lockwood. The first was born in 1821 and assumed to have died in infancy as in 1830 their next born daughter was similarly named Harriet.

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