John Lockwood [1]


b cir 1794

   Wapping, London

d 1 April 1851

    9 Braces Buildings, Whitechapel, London E


father of Mary Ann Lockwood [1], Elizabeth Lockwood [1], Harriet Lockwood [1], John William Lockwood, Philip James Lockwood [1], Harriet Lockwood [2], Simon Alexander Lockwood




John Lockwood [1] is the earliest confirmed Lockwood ancestor, for whom Parish Records confirm that he was born in Wapping and a “Bricklayer” by profession. The same parish records contain details of the birth and baptism of seven children, and list his wife’s name as Harriet.


Earliest recorded births are Mary Ann Lockwood [1]  who was baptised at St Mary Whitechapel on 9 June 1816 and believed to have been born in May 1816. The couple's second child Elizabeth Lockwood [1] was born 25 September 1818 but not baptised until 15 August 1819, once again at St Mary, Whitechapel. On 1 October 1821 John and Harriet had another daughter, Harriet Lockwood [1] who was baptised on 21 October 1821 at St George in the East. All three girls were recorded as having been born at the family residence in New Martin Street.


Three years later on 9 June 1824, John William Lockwood was born and his baptism took place on 7 July 1824 at St John, Wapping. Second son Philip James Lockwood [1] arrived on 26 April 1827, with his baptism also at St John, Wapping on 29 July 1827. John and Harriet's sixth child, a daughter, was born 30 July 1830 and baptised at St John, Wapping on 5 September 1830. Parish records confirm that she was the second daughter to be named Harriet, suggestion that the first born child of that name had died in infancy. The couple's last recorded child was Simon Alexander Lockwood, born cir May 1833 in East Smithfield/Wapping, and baptised at St George in the East on 30 June 1833. 


The current earliest Census records for 1841 confirmed John’s place of birth and credited his age at 50, indicating his date of birth to be 1790/1. He was living at Braces Buildings, where he would remain for the next 10 years. In residence with him in 1851 were wife Harriet, whose year of birth was given as “about 1796” son Philip, 24, and daughter Harriet, 21. Absent from the household were eldest son John William Lockwood, by this time the father of four living in the vicinity, daughter Elizabeth and youngest son Simon Alexander, for whom no other documentation has yet been located. [NOTE: The poor handwriting resulted in several transcription errors. Philip’s name was subsequently transcribed as “Shilt” Lockwood, mother Harriet’s name was given as “Hariat” and daughter listed as “Hariet”.] John Lockwood died on 1 April 1851, just 24 hours after the Census had been completed.


There does not appear to be an 1861 Census entry for Harriet. In 1871 Harriet was entered as a “Widow”, aged 76 and in a Workhouse. On this occasion her year of birth was given as “about 1795”. Her last Census entry took place in 1881 at which point her age was given as 88 and estimated year of birth as “about 1793”. She was described as having been a Nurse Sub Medical Service and a resident of the St George in the East Workhouse.


Harriet died 14 July 1885 aged 92. 


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