John Philip Lockwood


b 1846

    St George in the East, London

d. date unknown

    place unknown


son of John William Lockwood and Sarah Cuthbert

father of George John Lockwood





John Philip Lockwood was the second of the 11 children born to John William Lockwood and Sarah Cuthbert. He was born October-December 1846 in St George in the East, London E1.


He was listed as living with his parents in the family home on both the 1851 and 1861 Census forms. Subsequent information for him is limited. A record exists of a John Lockwood marrying in October-December 1867, but no details are provided of the partner. If it were John Philip Lockwood, the marriage would have been to an Eleanor Collins whose family came from the Limehouse area. The couple had a son, George John Lockwood, born 21 February 1968 at 30 Eastfield Street, Limehouse in the present day vicinity of Maroon Street, London E14. On the birth certificate, John Lockwood is entered as a "Cigar Maker", the occupation of both his father and uncle, Philip James Lockwood [1].


In 1871, three years old George John Lockwood was listed in the Census as residing at the 19 Philip Street home of his grandfather John William Lockwood, and again appeared within their household in the 1881 Census. There does not appear to be a Census listing for John Lockwood or Eleanor Lockwood for either 1871, 1881 or 1891.


The final listing to date for him was his inclusion on the 1901 Census in which he is shown as living with his mother, Sarah Lockwood, and her grand-daughter Grace Garnham, at 86 Gough Street, Poplar. Grace was the daughter of Johnís younger sister Mary Ann Lockwood.

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