John William Lockwood


b 9 June 1824


d.14 Februar 1890

   St George in the East, London E


son of John Lockwood [1] and Harriet ~~~

father of George Richard Lockwood, John Philip Lockwood, William Lockwood [1], Thomas Lockwood, Sarah Ann Lockwood, Rachel Lockwood, Mary Ann Lockwood [2], Harriet Lockwood [3], Elizabeth Lockwood [2], Isabel Lockwood, Eliza Lockwood

grandfather of George John Lockwood and Edward Lockwood



John William Lockwood, born in Whitechapel, in June1824, was the first of John William's four recorded children. A "Cigar Maker" by profession, he married Sarah Ann Cuthbert, born 1822/3. John William, whose date of birth and parentage are recorded in the Parish records of St John Wapping, died in 1890 aged 65, his death confirmed by the 1891 Census listing Sarah Lockwood as the Head of the household. Their firstborn child was George Richard Lockwood, born in 1845. John William first appeared on a Census form taken 31 March 1851, on which his address was given as 10 Phillip Street. Listed with him were wife Sarah (29), her mother, Sarah Cuthbert (62), and their four sons - George (6), John (4), William (2) and Thomas (2 months).

Ten years later, the 8th April 1861 Census indicated that John William Lockwood and his family were still at 10 Philip Street. (NB: In 1851 Phillip Street had been spelt with a double "L"). Eldest son George Richard was no longer in residence, but the family had grown with the addition of five daughters. The 10 Philip Streethousehold consisted of 11 members: John Lockwood (Head - 36), Sarah Lockwood (Wife - 39), her mother Sarah Cuthbert (73), and children John (14), William (12), Thomas (10), Sarah A (8), Rachel (5), Harriet (3), Mary A (3) and Elizabeth (1). (NB: Typed transcripts of this Census wrongly list John William Lockwood's mother-in-law as Sarah Cathleet instead of Sarah Cuthbert. Both Harriet and Mary are listed as being three years of age, and assumed to be twins.) John William Lockwood's profession was still given as "Cigar Maker".

In April 1871, the Census revealed that John William Lockwood continued to be a "Cigar Maker", but that he and his family had moved from 10 Philip Street to 19 Philip Street. The number of family members present on the night of the Census was 10: John Wm Lockwood (Head - 46), Sarah Lockwood (Wife - 48), their children Thomas (20), Sarah Ann (18), Rachel (16), Mary Ann (13), Elizabeth (11), Isabel (7), Eliza 5) and grandson George John aged three. It is likely John William's mother-in-law Sarah Cuthbert had died in the intervening decade. Also absent from the household was son William Lockwood, who had married and left home 12 months earlier, and Mary Ann's twin sister Harriet. Searches for Harriet have drawn a blank. (NOTE: The family's move to 19 Philip Street was fateful. Next door at number 17 were the Buck Family, among whose children was 14 years old schoolgirl Amelia Buck who, nine years later, would marry George Richard Lockwood, at that time a 26 years old Able Seaman on board HMS Racoon in Halifax Dockyard, Nova Scotia.

The Census of 3 April 1881 confirmed John William Lockwood and wife Sarah still in residence at 19 Philip Street, but by this time the dwelling was home to just three of their children - Elizabeth (21), Isabella (17) and Eliza (15). Also listed on the Census was their 14 years old grandson, George J Lockwood, entered as "son" in error.

This was the last Census to include John William Lockwood who died on 14 February 1890 aged 65. Wife Sarah survived him and, though 69, was still working as a charwoman according to the 1891 Census. Home was still 19 Philip Streetwhich she shared with single daughter Elizabeth, 32, and three years old grandson, Edward Lockwood, whose parentage has not been established. (NOTE: Edward's year of birth suggests that he was, in fact, the similarly named and aged grandson of John William's brother, Philip James Lockwood.]

The 1901 Census indicated that Sarah, now listed as 80, had moved to Gough Street, Poplar, London E14 where she lived with son John (55) and a grand-daughter, Grace Garnham, aged 10. Sarah died aged 84 on 14 December 1906. Her death occurred at 4 Market Street, Ratcliffe, London E which, according to the certificate, was the address of her daughter, Mary Ann Garnham.


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