William Lockwood [1]


b 1848/9

St George in the East, London

d. date unknown

place unknown


son of John William Lockwood and Sarah Cuthbert

father of Robert William Lockwood, Mabel Alice Lockwood, Harriet Lockwood [4], =-,Charles Richard Lockwood, Ellen Lockwood, George William Lockwood





William Lockwood was the third of the 11 children born to John William Lockwood and Sarah Cuthbert. Details of his and son Robert's life, are both complicated and extraordinary.


William was born October-December 1848 in St George in the East, London E1, and was listed as living with his parents in the family home on both the 1851 and 1861 Census. In January-March 1870, aged 21, he married Mary Ann Elizabeth Hills, 18. In the 1871 Census of the following year, his profession was given as “Cigar Maker” – matching that of father John William Lockwood. He, Mary Ann and their two months old son Robert W Lockwood were listed as living in Turner Street, Mile End Old Town. Mary Ann died in April-June 1876 aged just 25. Curiously, following the death of first wife Mary Ann, there were no further Census associations between William and Robert.


In the 1881 Census, William is entered as a Lodger at 30 Tudor Street in the West Derby ward of Liverpool. Listed as a widower, confirmation of his identity is provided by his age of 32 and Occupation as a Cigar Maker. The next Census to include his name was in 1891. On that form his district of birth had been given as St Georges and not St George in the East. He had moved from Turner Street, London E1 to Carmen Street, Poplar – then regarded as the civil parish of Bromley St Leonard. His profession was still listed as Cigar Maker. Sharing 11 Carmen Street with him were his second wife Sarah, listed as being 32 years old, and their children Lydia Lockwood (11), Mabel Lockwood (4), Harriet Lockwood (2) and an un-named three-week-old son. Further research revealed that the infant had been subsequently named John William Lockwood [2] after his grandfather, who had died the year before. From the Census details it would appear that William and Sarah had married around 1878/9 and that their first born had been Lydia in 1879.


Ten years later, the 1901 Census brought further changes. It revealed that the family had moved once again - this time travelling south of the Thames to Hall Road, Camberwell. On this occasion William was correctly credited as having been born in St George in the East. His age was equally accurate at 52, and his Occupation again entered as Cigar Maker. Sarah had died in 1898 and William had married a third time. Neither his daughter Mabel, nor son John William were included on the Census form, but added to the list of children were Charles Lockwood (7) and Ellen Lockwood (5). Sadly, John William Lockwood [2] had died and his death registered in the January-March quarter of 1892. In the case of Mabel, however, there is a 1901 Census listing matching her date and parish of birth that indicates she was a 14 years old servant girl in a Camberwell household. A London Surrey death record for a Sarah Lockwood, aged 40, in July-September 1898 in the Camberwell registration district suggests that this was when William became a widower for a second time.


A search for details of William's third marriage revealed that this had taken place in the Camberwell registration district in the quarter of July-September 1900. His bride had been Lydia Nathalie Neal, 31 years his junior. Research on persons of this name revealed an extraordinary pedigree. A similarly-named Lydia Nathalie Neal had been born in 1879 to Shadwell couple Omar Neal and his wife Sarah J Neal. Census details for this family also highlighted the fact that Sarah J Neal had been born in the same year as William's second wife of that name, and that both she and daughter Lydia had birthplaces matching the entries for Sarah and Lydia Lockwood on the 1881 Census form. Further research indicated that Omar Neal had died in the Poplar area in 1918 at the age of 65. The only conclusion to be drawn from these facts is that Sarah had married William Lockwood following a divorce from Omar Neal, and that the 1881 "daughter" entry for Lydia applied solely to the mother. Notwithstanding the huge 31-year gap in their ages, the marriage of William to step-daughter Lydia complicated the family's genealogy still further with the birth of their son, George William Lockwood, in 1900.



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